What you don’t know when using Facebook!

Facebook has been named the third largest population on earth, if it were to be considered as a country, with more than 500 million of members. With so many users, the data about personality is massive and overwhelming. As an ordinary user to free app, you are probably not aware of the data mining behind the free usage. But you must be aware that Facebook is watching you from the moment you sign up as a member.

It is unbelievable to realize how could an advertisement banner for a product be possible to appear on the website that you are visitng is of your preference and interest, isn’t it? If you peruse a cooking recipe’s website, for instance, chances are good you’ll soon see banner ads for the similiar recipe offer you were looking for online elsewhere. This is called retargeting, a technique widely used by advertising company to tag your computer with tiny code so to serve you with follow up ads for a product. You know what your girl friend or wife is up to when you see ads banner of necklace appears on the website but perhaps worrying if it is diamond necklace.

Our personal information like name, gender, age, location, sexual preference, and so on are great treasure for marketing company – they are dying for it. Facebook collects, analyzes and seggegrates them in order to sell new useful information to outside marketers. They want to know better who their customer is so that they can hit the sale effectively and efficiently. Facebook is poised to become the company that owns the largest consumer database in ther world and this is a gold mine for Facebook.

Not only the marketers are interested in you but your connected friends. According to a research studied by AT&T Labs Research in 2004, if friend of yours purchases something, it is 3 to 5 times likelihood that you would want it too. In other words, your friend’s preference could be yours as well. All the interaction between you and your friend and family are recorded by Facebook like the frequency you reply a friend’s post shows how close your relationship is, you like (the “Like” option under every post) the shared information reveals what your preference, etc. Facebook is evaluating every post for importance and timeliness in order to show only particular ads just for you.

Facebook has always been related to nothing other than privacy policy breach in these years. The policy has been altered many times but still causing controversial from users. People simply don’t like every activity and every single move in Facebook to be tracked and traded to outsiders. How about you?


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