Google Chrome 10 Beta Released – Speed improved by 66%

Google Chrome has been my favourite web browser due to its simplicity and fast web browsing experience. Now, Google has just released new Chrome version 10 beta to its fans.

The major and most appealing feature is its significant speed improvement. It’s equiped with new version of V8 JavaScript engine which boosts the performance by whopping 66% (measured by Google’s own V8 benchmark suite. You will get even faster and notable web browsing experience.

For user who has capable graphic card, this release supports CPU-accelerated video. According to Google offical blog, it is said that it would decrease CPU by 80% when viewing video in full-screen mode. This significant power saving feature has been always wanted and welcomed especially for mobile devices users.

Along with bookmark, extension, preference and theme synchronization, you can now even synch your saved site passwords on multiple machines. If you are particular about security, you can create your own passphrase and encrypt you synched passwords without hassle.

Another feature is that browser setting page now opens in a tab just like other new webpage instead of a separate window. There is a new search function in setting page. A handy search box is added that allows user to search specific setting you are looking for instead of scrolling down all the options manually.

Try it yourself, download Google Chrome Beta version 10 here.


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