iPad 2 Goes on Sale in 25 Countries, March 25

According to Apple official press website, the iPad 2 is going on sale in 25 additional countries this coming Friday (March 25) like what was announced during the iPad 2 launch day. iPad 2 has been massively demanding in United States and extremely hard to acquire. One has to wait for another 4 to 5 weeks to get the new iPad 2 and all major retail stores are out of stock.

Fans from Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore and additional countries (not clearly specified), you will see long queue forming at your nearby Apple stores in April.

For the rest of countries, there is no mentioned of exact month it will arrives but I am guessing till the first generation iPad’s stock is cleared then you will see iPad 2 made available for sale.


iPad is on sale in Malaysia after iPad 2 launched – You can save up to RM400

Apple Store in Malaysia has slashed its iPad (first generation) pricing to as low as RM1199 (16GB WiFi model) after the launched of iPad 2 on 3rd March. The new iPad 2 is claimed to be faster, better and slimmer. And, it comes with 2 cameras for FaceTime user. However, if you are not delighted with the new iPad 2 and can live with current iPad, perhaps you will be happy with the new pricing.

Apple puts other tablet competitors to struggle with iPad 2!

On 2nd March, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad 2 to its fans. If 2010 is the year of iPad, then it will continue to lead all its way in 2011.  With Apple’s strong AppStore ecosystem (more than 65,000 apps designed specifically for iPad) and advanced technology, the competitors must change its strategy in order to penetrate the tablet empire built by Apple. Although the newly introduced  iPad 2 doesn’t seem to be impressive but it is still far better than its competitors.

Better And Faster Processor

Apple adds up to 2x faster CPU  and up to 9x faster graphics to its iPad 2 with its new A5 Dual-core processor. With so powerful upgrade one might think it would means more power consumption. But, Steve Jobs promised that the new iPad 2 is going to preserve the same low power as A4 processor used in iPad with 10 hour battery life. Apple demonstrated 2 new iPad in-house built apps – iMovie and GarageBand, and showed the fans how these apps take full advantage of these powerful CPU and graphic performance to a whole new level. I was so impressed with the demo. Editing video with iMovie is no-brainer and extremely easy to use. GarageBand turns iPad into professional recording and editing studio, complete with all kinds of musical instruments in digital form. Even you are completely know nothing about musical instruments, you can play them professionally and create your own music creatively. It really creates a lot of possibilities and opportunities to musical and movie industry. You wouldn’t want to miss these 2 apps. Though, they are not free but you can download them with $4.99 each from AppStore.

Thinner And Lighter

Jobs claimed that Apple engineers have redesigned, not just tweak design, iPad 2 by cutting the weight from 1.3 pound to 1.5 pound and it is a third thinner than iPad from 13.4mm to 8.8mm. Imagine, it is even thinner than the iPhone 4. It is by far the thinner and the most potential competitors like Motorola Xoom, HP TouchPad and BlackBerry don’t even come closer. It comes with 2 colors: black and white (yes, white finally).

Added with Two Cameras

It is no surprise this feature is added in iPad 2. Being the fact that Mac products like iPhone 4 and iPod Touch come with 2 cameras, iPad 2 joins them to make the video conferencing compatible with each other. Like others, the front camera focuses on you and the rear one focuses on everything else. With 9.7inch screen size, you can now use FaceTime to share a larger view to your friends and family during video conferencing.

Smart Covers

It is claimed that the cover is designed along the iPad 2 itself so it is pretty much customized to the iPad 2 body. It covers the iPad 2 glass screen perfectly but just add minimal weight and thickness while preserve the stylish look of iPad like never before. The iPad 2 actually has magnets inside its case making it possible to grab and secure the stylish sheet of flexible cover attached to a set of embedded metal hinges – and it will be auto-aligned too. When you open the cover by flipping it, it will wake up the iPad. Flip it closed, and it goes to sleep mode. It can become a stand when you flop and folder the cover. The cover comes with Polyurethane (used to make space suits) or leather with 5 colors for selection and cost $39 and $69 respectively.

HDMI Video Output

With HDMI mirrored video output (cost $39), you can now hook your iPad 2 to the flat screen TV in your living room so that everyone can see it. This is especially useful for those who want to present to large group of audience like teacher, trainer and businessman. For gamers, it means you can turn your iPad 2 into a great gaming platform.

Price And Shipping
The best part is that the iPad 2 price is preserved same as its predecessor of all models starting with the lowest price of $499 (16 GB + WiFi mode). You can buy it in Apple Retail Stores near you or Apple Online Store both starting from March 11 for US and 26 other countries on March 25th.

iPhone 5 Comes with 4-inch Screen Size

Is bigger screen size one of your wish item in the list for iPhone5? You probably got it. iDealsChina has recently leaked an iPhone 5 edge-to-edge 4-inch screen. To face the fierce competition from major brands that come with larger screen, the move from 3.5-inch to 4-inch would be quite reasonable and appropriate to stay competitive. What seems to be disappointed is the home button is still there. Why don’t Apple just remove it and stretch up the screen size?

UPDATED [12 March, 2011]

A more closer look to coming iPhone 5 design is leaked. It looks exactly same like iPhone 4 except the edge-to-edge screen. It is really no surprise at all with its designs. Perhaps Apple will put more muscle to its engine like the iPad 2. Does it look nice in white?

2011 Apple New MacBook Pro – Boosted with better processor, graphic and I/O

After weeks of rumor and speculation, Apple has finally unveiled its MacBook Pro product line on Thursday. In summary, there are 3 major changes

  1. Apple adds in new Intel’s latest SandyBridge processor with dual-core (13” model only) and quad-core (15” and 17” models). They perform 2 times as fast as the previous generation MacBook Pro.
  2. Intel Light Peak – It is rather known as “ThunderBolt”, which transfer data at rate of 10GB per second. Technically, it exceeds USB3.0 transfer rate by as much as 2 folds.
  3. Graphics performance also gets boost with the new models which are by default in-built with Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor. If you are seeking more graphic performance, Apple has included additional AMD Radeon graphics processor but it is limited to 15” and 17” models. It makes the video encode and decode quicker and more efficient that greatly enhance the gaming experience and video playback.

Take a quick glimpse at the spec for each model and their prices below.

13” – 2.3GHZ dual-core i5 | 4GB RAM | 320GB HDD | Intel HD Graphics 3000 – RM3699 ($1199)

13” – 2.7GHZ dual-core i7 | 4GB RAM | 500GB HDD | Intel HD Graphics 3000 – RM4599 ($1499)

15” – 2.0GHZ quad-core i7 | 4GB RAM | 500GB HDD | Intel HD Graphics 3000 + AMD Radeon HD 6490M with 256MB GDDR5 – RM5499 ($1799)

15” – 2.2GHZ quad-core i7 | 4GB RAM | 750GB HDD | Intel HD Graphics 3000 + AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 1GB GDDR5 – RM6799 ($2199)

17” – 2.2GHZ quad-core i7 | 4GB RAM | 750GB HDD | Intel HD Graphics 3000 + AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 1GB GDDR5 – RM7699 ($2499)

For more details, you can refer to http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/