Hello Blogosphere!


Hello Blogosphere!

Finally, here I am writing blog just like other people to share their experience, learning and opinion. It has been a while for me to think of blogging. I enjoy reading tech news and blogs to get insight of what is happening in world technology arena. Maybe because I am IT guy.

Like other new blogger worries, why would other read your blog – not to mention there are already tons of similar tech blog available. But the more I think about it, the harder I make my mind to move my first step to setup a blog. I have decided to put this aside and go ahead to realize my wish. The first feeling is always true and genuine because it is from the bottom of the heart. I tend to imagine own roadblock to counter their desire and that is a sign of lacking confidence. All the “what-if” questions start popping up to scare myself. For example, what if nobody at all read my post? what if I got bad and negative feedback? what if I have nothing to post?

Other that is bothering me is lacking of articulate skill especially in English. I am educated from non-English background education and English is not my mother-tongue language. Well, writing simple English post is definitely not a problem for me. Despite of that, I have ambitious to write high quality and compelling article to my audience. How am I going to achieve that? One of the direct and simplest way is to read more and write more. Only time will tell, period.
I wish my post somehow could inspire you! Till then, I hope to see you again!

Here’s to your pleasure reading…