2011 Apple New MacBook Pro – Boosted with better processor, graphic and I/O

After weeks of rumor and speculation, Apple has finally unveiled its MacBook Pro product line on Thursday. In summary, there are 3 major changes

  1. Apple adds in new Intel’s latest SandyBridge processor with dual-core (13” model only) and quad-core (15” and 17” models). They perform 2 times as fast as the previous generation MacBook Pro.
  2. Intel Light Peak – It is rather known as “ThunderBolt”, which transfer data at rate of 10GB per second. Technically, it exceeds USB3.0 transfer rate by as much as 2 folds.
  3. Graphics performance also gets boost with the new models which are by default in-built with Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor. If you are seeking more graphic performance, Apple has included additional AMD Radeon graphics processor but it is limited to 15” and 17” models. It makes the video encode and decode quicker and more efficient that greatly enhance the gaming experience and video playback.

Take a quick glimpse at the spec for each model and their prices below.

13” – 2.3GHZ dual-core i5 | 4GB RAM | 320GB HDD | Intel HD Graphics 3000 – RM3699 ($1199)

13” – 2.7GHZ dual-core i7 | 4GB RAM | 500GB HDD | Intel HD Graphics 3000 – RM4599 ($1499)

15” – 2.0GHZ quad-core i7 | 4GB RAM | 500GB HDD | Intel HD Graphics 3000 + AMD Radeon HD 6490M with 256MB GDDR5 – RM5499 ($1799)

15” – 2.2GHZ quad-core i7 | 4GB RAM | 750GB HDD | Intel HD Graphics 3000 + AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 1GB GDDR5 – RM6799 ($2199)

17” – 2.2GHZ quad-core i7 | 4GB RAM | 750GB HDD | Intel HD Graphics 3000 + AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 1GB GDDR5 – RM7699 ($2499)

For more details, you can refer to http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/



Google Chrome 10 Beta Released – Speed improved by 66%

Google Chrome has been my favourite web browser due to its simplicity and fast web browsing experience. Now, Google has just released new Chrome version 10 beta to its fans.

The major and most appealing feature is its significant speed improvement. It’s equiped with new version of V8 JavaScript engine which boosts the performance by whopping 66% (measured by Google’s own V8 benchmark suite. You will get even faster and notable web browsing experience.

For user who has capable graphic card, this release supports CPU-accelerated video. According to Google offical blog, it is said that it would decrease CPU by 80% when viewing video in full-screen mode. This significant power saving feature has been always wanted and welcomed especially for mobile devices users.

Along with bookmark, extension, preference and theme synchronization, you can now even synch your saved site passwords on multiple machines. If you are particular about security, you can create your own passphrase and encrypt you synched passwords without hassle.

Another feature is that browser setting page now opens in a tab just like other new webpage instead of a separate window. There is a new search function in setting page. A handy search box is added that allows user to search specific setting you are looking for instead of scrolling down all the options manually.

Try it yourself, download Google Chrome Beta version 10 here.

What you don’t know when using Facebook!

Facebook has been named the third largest population on earth, if it were to be considered as a country, with more than 500 million of members. With so many users, the data about personality is massive and overwhelming. As an ordinary user to free app, you are probably not aware of the data mining behind the free usage. But you must be aware that Facebook is watching you from the moment you sign up as a member.

It is unbelievable to realize how could an advertisement banner for a product be possible to appear on the website that you are visitng is of your preference and interest, isn’t it? If you peruse a cooking recipe’s website, for instance, chances are good you’ll soon see banner ads for the similiar recipe offer you were looking for online elsewhere. This is called retargeting, a technique widely used by advertising company to tag your computer with tiny code so to serve you with follow up ads for a product. You know what your girl friend or wife is up to when you see ads banner of necklace appears on the website but perhaps worrying if it is diamond necklace.

Our personal information like name, gender, age, location, sexual preference, and so on are great treasure for marketing company – they are dying for it. Facebook collects, analyzes and seggegrates them in order to sell new useful information to outside marketers. They want to know better who their customer is so that they can hit the sale effectively and efficiently. Facebook is poised to become the company that owns the largest consumer database in ther world and this is a gold mine for Facebook.

Not only the marketers are interested in you but your connected friends. According to a research studied by AT&T Labs Research in 2004, if friend of yours purchases something, it is 3 to 5 times likelihood that you would want it too. In other words, your friend’s preference could be yours as well. All the interaction between you and your friend and family are recorded by Facebook like the frequency you reply a friend’s post shows how close your relationship is, you like (the “Like” option under every post) the shared information reveals what your preference, etc. Facebook is evaluating every post for importance and timeliness in order to show only particular ads just for you.

Facebook has always been related to nothing other than privacy policy breach in these years. The policy has been altered many times but still causing controversial from users. People simply don’t like every activity and every single move in Facebook to be tracked and traded to outsiders. How about you?

Windows 7: “Shutdown” Without Warning Message

Not long ago, I have upgraded my Windows XP to Windows 7 despite it has been launched by Microsoft for a year ago. I was so excited about it. The experience with Windows 7 has been great – the user interface is nice and it is quick. But not until I accidentally click on the shutdown button and the system really shutdown just like that. What?! No warning message for me to confirm the shutdown! I am absolutely shocked with it due to some of my works are not saved yet and I have no way to recover it – data loss from an accidental miss click is not fun. This is so surprising and annoying.

I’ve learnt from other websites that there is no setup in Windows 7 to enable the confirmation message after clicking on Shutdown button. To log off, lock, restart, hibernate, and sleep the OS, you have to pass the Shutdown button to reach the arrow button which is too small and could miss the click. And the last thing you could remember is the PC is being shutdown.

One could possibly argue that the confirmation message is completely worthless. When one clicks on Shutdown button, it means shutdown the computer. It shouldn’t be clicked at all if it is not meant for it. I totally disagree with it. We probably perform up to hundreds or thousands of clicks on the computer per day to operate the program like open, close, focus, drag, point and so on. You see, the same action of clicking means different operation in computer for different purpose. So it is prone to make mistake by clicking the shutdown button unintentionally.

What you can do is…

To work around to this unwelcome design, you could change button to either Log off, Lock, Restart, Sleep or Hibernate to replace Shutdown. To do this, move your cursor to the “Shut down” button, right click and choose “Properties”. This will brings out a message windows with title “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”. Make sure the “Start Menu” tab is selected. Pull down the dropdown list for your selection and choose the “Lock” option. When you are done, just hit “Apply” follows by “OK” button. Now, the “Shut down” button is changed to “Lock”. Next time when you made mistake, it just lock your computer.

I think Microsoft should consider to put back this confirmation message and offer option for user to choose between enable and disable. I strongly believe that computer should adapt to user, not the other way round.

Google Released Chrome Web Store!

The Google Chrome Web Store

Google has followed the Apple footprint to launch its own Chrome Web Store. Like Apple’s apps store, the Chrome Web store offers a wide range of apps, extensions and themes which works on Chrome. Once you are in the store, it is intuitive to find the apps categories on the left-hand section.

Once you have searched your favorite apps, simply click on it and it will brings you to its own page displaying all related information about the app. Some apps are for free but some require you to buy it before you can install it. If you are not satisfied with the apps, Google allows you to cancel your order within 30 minutes after you have paid the app. Not a bad idea!

To start with, I recommend you to install “NPR for Chrome”, “Dream2”, “NYTimes”, “Poppit” and “Amazon Windowshop” because these were the apps being demo’ed in the launch event and Google even invited senior officers from NYTimes, Electronic Arts (EA) and Amazon to run the demo.

You can literally find your installed apps by opening a new tab. All of the apps will be listed nicely in the first row.

While most of these apps are developed in HTML5 format, the user interface are so rich, visually appealing and interactive. I have tried NYTimes and absolutely love it. The display of news and images are never been engaging and interactive. I think viewing and navigating the page with touch screen device by flipping with fingers will be an awesome experience. Too bad I don’t own any of those devices but still quite enjoyable using keyboard. And, you can read it offline if disconnected from internet.

The store starts with 500 apps and is growing fast. For developer, it is yet another great store for you to showcase your masterpiece and generate popularity. For normally user like me, I have another choice to download great apps and enjoy them!

Visit at https://chrome.google.com/webstore and I am sure you will love it like I do.

Hello Blogosphere!


Hello Blogosphere!

Finally, here I am writing blog just like other people to share their experience, learning and opinion. It has been a while for me to think of blogging. I enjoy reading tech news and blogs to get insight of what is happening in world technology arena. Maybe because I am IT guy.

Like other new blogger worries, why would other read your blog – not to mention there are already tons of similar tech blog available. But the more I think about it, the harder I make my mind to move my first step to setup a blog. I have decided to put this aside and go ahead to realize my wish. The first feeling is always true and genuine because it is from the bottom of the heart. I tend to imagine own roadblock to counter their desire and that is a sign of lacking confidence. All the “what-if” questions start popping up to scare myself. For example, what if nobody at all read my post? what if I got bad and negative feedback? what if I have nothing to post?

Other that is bothering me is lacking of articulate skill especially in English. I am educated from non-English background education and English is not my mother-tongue language. Well, writing simple English post is definitely not a problem for me. Despite of that, I have ambitious to write high quality and compelling article to my audience. How am I going to achieve that? One of the direct and simplest way is to read more and write more. Only time will tell, period.
I wish my post somehow could inspire you! Till then, I hope to see you again!

Here’s to your pleasure reading…