My Experience on Opera 11.01

I like to try something new especially using web browser. I have installed Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari and of course, the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which is pre-installed in every Windows OS built computer. But Opera is the last browser I come to discover – maybe it is not as popular as the others. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try.

Installation is a breeze. I go to the and download the latest Opera v11.01. The setup package is 7.2MB and it just takes me less than a minute to finish the downloading. I then run the installing right after the downloading and it takes another few seconds to finish up the setup – that’s all. It was straight forward and easy like 1-2-3. Even a granny can do it.

Everyday I use Chrome as main browser to surf net and I like to do this because it has simple user interface and it’s neat. I have the same feeling during the first time seeing Opera browser. The Tab can be found on top of the browser but it can be enlarged so that the content of the web page that I am opening can be seen. It enriches the overall browsing experience because you can see exactly what page is on the tab.

Also, I can place the Tab at the top (default), bottom, left and right of my screen. I really like this feature due to the fact that my laptop has wide screen and normally the web page I visited doesn’t really fit in completely and leave some spaces unoccupied. I can now have my big size tab on my left and web page on my right – all fit in perfectly.┬áNot only that, I can group the Tab by dragging one tab over another allows for grouping. This is nice for more organized and controlled web pages.

Opera comes with 2 fields – one for address field and one for search field (Google search by default). The address field has a unique function that is it can be changed to any search engine. For example, to search the item in Google, I start with “g” followed by the search item and this will goes for Google search. For Yahoo, it is started with “y”. This is pretty convenient to use.

I like the built-in Notes in Opera. It comes in handy when you are researching something and would like to joke down some notes. The note is opened as a separate panel on the browser itself so you don’t have to switch over between Notepad and browser. This is absolutely useful if you are blogger. I love it.

Another feature that I like is its build-in email where you can receive and send email on a browser. The mail appears on the panel and can be easily recognized by its envelope icon. To setup the email account, you just type in your name, email account and password and leave everything else to Opera to auto-setup. By the time you finish the setup, all your emails start downloading. Using the email client in Opera is intuitive. You know how to use it when you see it.

Choices for extensions are scarce (just hundred of them). These are way less than what is being offered by Google Chrome. Anyway, I am fine with it since the already built-in features are meeting my needs.

Overall, the Opera browser are very user-oriented with all the handy and useful small gadgets. If you don’t want to be bothered by them, just simply hide them. But if you are really care about the speedy web page loading, Opera probably is not your cup of tea. Chrome is still the fastest browser I have ever used.

So get your Opera installed here with your hands down and you can start using it in minute one or two. Experience yourself!